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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 18, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> come on. >> all right. we have to run. speaking of mit romney, he will be on the program, we will have a long interview with mit romney on monday. thanks for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. see you monday night right here on "hannity." tonight a frantic scram well on capitol hill. the supercommittee is running out of time. they must find a way to slash $1.2 trillion from the deficit or this country faces automatic cuts. but there is a catch. a tach that might make you think perhaps you have been had. dana perino, the co-host of fox, joins us. this is a big drama with the deadline. they say if you don't meet the deadline something incredible is going to happen but the incredible thing that's going to happen doesn't happen for 14 months so even if they past the deadline they still have 14 months to come up with whatever they are going to do? >> yeah. i would love to go back and find the tape of when they first decided to have this
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supercommittee because i remember thinking this is not going to end well. >> and it's not. and congress has a lot of options at their fingertips in terms of being able to move it down the road. most people don't really know what the supercommittee is. it's not to reduce an additional amount of money as you just said, it is just to rearrange how the deficit reduction is going to be paid for. >> yeah, but the interesting thing about it, the thing that sleighs me, and they knew well what they were doing, the republicans, democrats, last august when they couldn't seem to get their work done about the debt ceiling, they knew if they had these draconian cuts that were going to be offensive to republican voters and democratic voters, that they didn't want it to happen right away so they said if you don't me the deadline november 23rd this year, it will be 14 months before these cuts go into effect. january 20, '13. which means two months past the next election. so every incumbent is covered.
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it's not going to have an irate con stage went. >> it does take a little bit of time to get these cuts in place. when you are talking about the major cuts in the defense department, as well as in the domestic spending, in particular on healthcare, you are con stage win sis on both sides that care a lot. one of the things that i thought amazing is the republicans did come forward with something that a lot of conservatives wouldn't like, which was to allow for some increase of revenue by closing tax loopholes. some people thought that was a bridge too far. but amazing by the democrats rejected that. you know, put up their nose and said this is ridiculous. they had their marching orders from the white house. i think one of the things that's amazing is if you look at the quotes from the white house and how president obama literally phoned it in from hawaii, they have been hands off and not involved. because i believe what they want is a do-nothing congress so they can run against that. and they think they have some sort of plan to deal with the deficit after this. but my problem with that is that every day that we wait and not
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talk about entitlement spending, this problem just gets much harder to solve. >> it's apparent that the white house has a hands-off. the president is, of course, on the other side of the world. this day and age with communication it's not that hard. his communications director was the least able to blame the republicans if it doesn't happen. so there is without a doubt a whole lot of politics. but i'm curious, you know, i frankly, you are going back to the simpson bowls. we had an economic panel that made everybody unhappy a year ago. two people spearheaded it who had no axe to grind and we couldn't get there. >> a republican and democrat came together to give a recommendation of how the congress could actually do their job that they are supposed to do, was summarily dismissed by president obama and in the white house. a lot of what the republicans
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have put forward have some elements of the simpson-bowl plan in it. he said to the ceo's, he said you guys better hold on to your hat because job creation is not going to get any easier because this congress is not going to do anything, this president is not going to sign anything that deals with our biggest problem and that is entitlements. >> they didn't get the vote. but simpson-bowl did get the vote. >> one of the reason is the president didn't get behind it. he on the record said it was not something that he could support. >> all right. there's that. but he's not gotten behind a lot of things, which my next question. he seems to have a hands-off on this. he got very involved last august and he had the speaker and the senate majority leader up at the white house. now he is coming back saturday night, which is the deadline. but he certainly gives the appearance of not want to go touch this with a ten foot pole. why? >> he doesn't care. what he needed last august was for the debt ceiling to be allowed to be raised so we didn't have default on our debt.
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that happened and part of the reason it happened is because they created this supercommittee but they set it up terribly with a 6-6 vote which everyone is playing defense and no one is willing to compromise. i shouldn't say no one is willing to compromise. when the republicans put that forward i thought they would get bashed by the right something fierce. it wasn't bad but when the democrats said we aren't going to go there, i think it meant we aren't going to solve any of these problems in the next ten days. i think that the supercommittee has failed. think the sooner we recognize that, the better weekend we will all have. >> i think it's failed too. but we really need strong leadership from both sides of the isle to make this work. and the president being the liter of his party, it doesn't help that he has a hands-off approach to it. >> right. >> there's enough blame to go around to the republicans as well and many, many decades. this is a mess that we are in. >> i think with the president this is leading from behind
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domestic style. we will all pay the price for it later on in years to come. >> thank you. >> okay. >> chances are you balance your budget. that's not congress. for coress the sky is the limit. no-limit spend was reinforced a few hours ago when the house rejected a balanced budget amendment. those who approve it say -- some say it would harm the economy. congressman, i don't expect you are too pleased tonight with the fact there's no balanced budget amendment favorable vote in the house? >> no, i'm absolutely not. as a matter of fact, i just landed back down here in fort lauderdale about an hour and a half ago, and it was a very sad trip for me to come back. a lot of people were on the airplane they wanted me to talk about the balanced budget amendment. the bottom line is everyone who had that little red "n" next to their name, they don't take it serious that we have a
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$15 trillion debt, the fact we have a debt to gdp ratio of 101%. and over the last three years we've added $4.4 trillion to the debt. what we just told the american people today is that we aren't serious about disciplining ourselves and we aren't serious about creating an environment of fiscal responsibility in washington d.c.. >> but those in favor of the balanced budget amendment -- or those opposed, rather, say if it was passed it will nod give flexibility to meet emergency demands like a crisis of war or another recession. but within this balanced budget, was there not flexibility written so that if we were at war or there was a vote taken because we were in a desperate economic situation, so that those things could be addressed? is that right? is that what was in this amendment? >> you are absolutely right. as a matter of fact, one of the things about this balanced budget amendment is that you were able to, if it came to having to raise taxes, it would take a majority vote of members
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present, of all the house, rather, i'm sorry, instead of having a super majority. and this is the exact same balanced budget amendment that 16 years ago passed the house with 300 votes. we needed 290 today. and many of those democrat members who voted for it back 16 years ago decided today was not the right time. as a matter of fact, the majority whip said now is not the time for a balanced budget amendment. i don't know if he wants the debt to get to $20 trillion. the other thank we have to understand, greta, if we continue to have this out of control spending in washington d.c., then we are never going to create the right environment for job growth in this country because the federal government will continue to waste the american taxpayer dollar. which means that capital is not down where it should be to create the investment, the in jennaty to grow the economy. >> you are a first-year freshman congressman. i know you are disappointed by this. are you surprised and was your thought on the republican leadership?
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>> well, i think it was very -- well, it was very reinforcing to me that they brought two different balanced budget amendments before the conference. we had a good discussion and we decided that this would be the right one to bring up because it really showed that we want to find an ability to work with the people on the other side of the isle. we brought up balanced budget amendment that passed the house some years ago when the debt of the united states of america was only about four to five trillion dollars. why would it not pass now when we have an even graver situation. i think the leadership did very well to bring up an opportunity for us to get our fiscal house in order. i'm very appalled and truly disgusted about the fact that after this measure failed there were people on the other side of the isle that began to clap. >> well, you know, it seems to me, the way i understand this, is that the balanced budget amendment, as read, makes it harder to spend beyond our means. it doesn't make it impossible when we need it. >> yeah. >> that's really the issue.
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i mean, you are not so much balancing the budget but it's sort of putting the brakes on congress and telling you, look, you have to figure out what the problem is. it puts the brakes on congress. >> it absolutely does. and what it does, it forces us to do what everybody american does, what our businesses and small businesses do, is to live within our means. it forces us to truly be not just elected officials but leaders. leaders have to make some hard decisions. you can't just come along and say this is something i want to spend money on. we've got to make sure it is within the revenues that are coming in before we create those outlays. i think we really let down the american people. >> but you know it happens all the time. it's really a question of the brakes have been put on congress because congress hasn't been doing its job. congress can't even fund -- put a budget together. we have to have a continuing resolutions that fund it. we have all these deadlines that aren't met. it is really not such a big surprise, is it?
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>> well, it's such a big surprise for me because coming from the united states military, 22 years there, we know how to prioritize, we know how to function. we don't sit around and wait for crisis action mode to get in. we need to get to the point we are prioritizing the appropriations bills and the top tier of the appropriations bill, maybe tier one, they should be done by annually and not every year. there's a lot of structural reforms we need to have. this was a great first step but once again we showed that we aren't willing to discipline ourselves and we are looking to continue down the same path of fiscaller responsibility. i think with the new crop of folks we have up there in washington d.c., i'm not going to give up and i will continue to press hard. >> congressman, thank you, hard, thank you and happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. and now -- trump. he said our leader or not smart.
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>> are you for free trade or opposed to it. >> i love free trade. i went to one of the greatest business schools there is. i was a nice student. i understand free trade and fair trade. i'm for fair trade. these countries and people have smarter leaders than our people. i know you think obama is is a genius. he is not. our leader are not smart and they are being outnegotiated at every single corner. so our country is in big trouble. the sad part is we can't continue to go on like this. if we go on like this much longer, greta, we aren't going to have much of a country left. >> wouldn't free trade work in a very pure sense if everyone -- if no one cheated? >> yeah, but they cheat. i agree, i'm all for it. >> so when we agreed, we got involved in free trade, what was our expectation, were we naive to think other countries wouldn't manipulate currencies? >> we thought, and with some
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pretty smart people, and this was years ago, we thought that we would go out and take over the world. and it started that way. but then our leaders got dumber. their leaders got smarter -- >> at what point? >> and all of a sudden -- not just with obama, it started before obama. it's worse now than it has of been. >> in the clinton administration? >> even in the clinton administration. all of a sudden the world started saying, wait a minute, we've got these patties over there, they aren't too good. we can make product they have always been making. then you had nafta. look what happened to new england and lots of other places. to this day you look at some of the empty factories, it's sad. and products being made in mexico? >> was free trade a mistake. >> i think it's wonderful if you have smart leadership. >> in recognition of the fact we have this huge imbalance and you are talking about calling for taxes or tariffs. >> no, to abusers. >> who is not abusing? >> probably nobody. >> so talking about everybody.
7:14 pm
>> let me ask you this. name one country we do well with? we used to be the king. >> i asked you to tell me names of who is not abusing. >> i didn't realize that. name one country. we aren't doing well with anybody. columbia. columbia and south america. not a big trading partner. they made $4 billion on us last year. that's a lot of money. >> so where is the plus on this free trade for us? >> i don't see it so far. i see it if we had the right people. if obama would call me. >> you are talking about a world where everybody is abundantly fair? >> yeah, it works in the wharton school of finance. >> exactly. >> and the beautiful classroom it works. but in actuality, when you have some vicious, brilliant, business leader, politician in china, and some vicious guys in other countries that are smarter than the people they are negotiating with, most of whom are diplomats and don't know
7:15 pm
what they are doing for this country, they love free trade. see, i don't call it free trade, i call it stupid trade. we used to be the smart ones. we aren't the smart ones anymore. when the whole concept started, we were smart. i talk about i'm a free trader but only if it's fair. i take criticism. i have conservative people, like me, who say donald -- >> why don't they like free trade. >> because i don't think they don't know. >> do you think they don't know? >> it's so obvious. maybe they aren't smart. maybe they are just robots that to think to be a republican conservative you have to believe in flow trade. i believe in free trade because to do that you need smart people representing us. >> are democrats in favor of free trade? >> some are. and summer frankly seeing that we are losing. we are losing our shirts with so-called free trade. we are losing our shirts, greta. we are losing our jobs. we around manufacturing
7:16 pm
anything. we are losing our shirts with free trade. at some point my conservative friends are going to have to go back and sakes wait a minute, we can't continue to lose three, four, five hundred billion i don't know a year with china. look, china taxes our product. i don't know if you know that or not. but when you go into china -- we sell so little product to china its irrelevant anyway, relatively speaking. but when you sell product in china, they tax us. we don't tax them, they tax us. how come? look at the deals made with south korea? they want to sell cars, they want to sell televisions but we want to sell cars in south korea but they put a tax on us. >> what is it for us in the trade agreements. >> i think the people doing it are incompetent or, maybe more likely, are controlled by their local lobbyist, represented by south korea. south korea, china, all these countries have lobbyists in this
7:17 pm
country. i really believe -- i look at the decisions some polltations one reason they make that decision because of the lobbyist. they can't be that stupid. >> then they are for sale? you are saying they are for sale. >> yes, i believe they are absolutely 100%, i don't want to be a nasty guy, 100% sold and >> donald, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> and straight ahead, a big night for former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. his campaign is steam rolling past his opponents. what is driving the surge? rushrush limbaugh has an idea ae will tell you next. find out why the attorney general's five day trip is sparking outrage. here's a hint t has to do with your tax money. and jon huntsman is running for president but which can date do
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>> tonight there's a huge burst in the republican race for the white house.
7:22 pm
mit romney and newt gingrich are in a statistic dead heat for the new hampshire primary. it's the first time anybody has come close to romney in new hampshire. why is newt gingrich suddenly surging to the top? rush limbaugh says he knows. >> take a step back and understand why republican voters are responding to newt now as opposed to a month ago, six weeks ago, two months ago. i mean newt has been in the race since it began. why now? why now is newt gingrich at the top of the heap in iowa, and in some national polls, as well? why? we are three years into barack obama's war on prosperity. now i think americans are coming to grips with the up side, if
7:23 pm
not the necessity of a limited government. and now that people understand or are beginning to understand the deceit that is liberalism, including it's standard bearer, barack obama, they are looking for somebody to clearly articulate a way out and they want to hear it said with strength and passion and power and intelligence. what newt is doing is no secret. newt is tapping into the american mind-set. he has the ability to do it. he also has the ability to blow it. which is what gives people pause. but at this point they are looking past that. >> okay. there's no question about this race is wild and changing all the time. time magazine deputy washington borrow chief, michael crowley, joins us.
7:24 pm
you were following speaker gingrich this week and following him. why is he surging? >> rush was really feeling his oats there but i think he was getting at something important, which is that newt is a great speaker and i think he knew all along when he got into the race he was going to shine into the debates. the debates have really come to define and dominate this race. candidates are standing out and making their mark on the strong debate performances. newt has been an excellent debater. he is a great talker. i think people think that he is intelligent. you had other candidates that came forward and then fell apart. michele bachman had her turn, herman cain had his turn, rick perry hasn't really got on, and people i think are saying maybe we wrote newt off too weekly in the early going. >> i think herman cain is still in there. there were four accusers in the
7:25 pm
beginning, and two were anonymous so i think there were only two. and harasser is are sort of serial harass sers. i find that significant. but let's go back to the newt gingrich thing. why is he doing well in new hampshire? that's governor romney's stomping grounds. >> that was amaze to go me. gingrich's spokesman told me, when i wrote a story for time this week. >> i've already read it. >> and in my reporting i talked to a spokesman and we talked about new hampshire. he said we understand new hampshire is mitt's turf. we don't have a lakeside home. >> that's a jab. >> but at the same time he's saying we know romney will be really strong there. he wasn't saying we don't have a chance but he said we will look to south carolina, we will look to florida. if romney is in trouble in new hampshire and gingrich is surging up and jon huntsman is
7:26 pm
coming at him, there could almost be a pincher movement and mitt can't count on new hampshire anymore, that changes everything. it's a loose ball. romney could be in a state of crisis if he can't count on new hampshire. if newt can make a big run in new hampshire you have to take him really serious as a potential nominee. >> it's sort of interesting about governor romney. he has been steady, which is good, but also he has been stuck. >> yep. >> there has not been a tremendous amount of movement up. and now he must be profoundly disappointed to see this whole. >> i'm not sure it's not an outlier because it is different than what we've seen. i would like to see more polls that sync with it. but in the national polls he's been stuck around a quarter of the vote nationally, maybe less, and in new hampshire maybe in the 30s. i think he topped out around 40%
7:27 pm
but he can't get past it. that leaves a lot of room for somebody else to consolidate the people looking around for somebody else. if it starts to con sal date around another candidate, right now the anti-romney vote is divided up between other people. but if one candidate can grab it and others are chipping away at romney and pulling him down, he can't count on new hampshire or can't count on the nomination. >> i was out there and people said i like ron paul. yet he doesn't move in the numbers. >> talk about someone who has a ceiling. there are a lot of people who love ron paul but he's been around for a while. they know what he stands for. if you like ron paul, he's will already. i don't see him pulling off a win, but you never know. >> and there's always tomorrow. who knows what will happen tomorrow? >> it's hard to race. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> coming up, palm trees and sunshine, it's your tax dollars
7:28 pm
at work. why was eric holder island hopping in the caribbean on your dime? and from the candidate neckties to the haircuts, governor huntsmans daughters are putting a whole new spin on the race and they are here coming up. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take thibridge over here. the it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story
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>> attorney general holder is in a few firefight tonight. there are calls for him to resign. now he's taking heat for taking a caribbean treat on the taxpayers' dime. where is the attorney i don't know and what is he doing? >> he went to trinidad, barbados and puerto rico. the reason that he went there is there was a big crime, you know, crime summit there. >> where? there are several places you named. i take it the crime summit was at one place? >> that's correct. but he met with the heads of states of each country and with the eight attorneys general while he was there as well. and kind of the region is a place where drugs come into the united states. there's a kind of toxic mix of loosen force meant there, as well as bank secrecy laws that allow money laundering. this is the stated reason why he
7:33 pm
is here. you turn around and look, your department is in the midst of a tuning congressional investigation, there are 51 members of congress calling for you to resign, was this really the time to spend an entire work week to spend in that location, which is known as a tropical paradise? the trip was on the calendar for a long time. the last two attorneys general went to the same crime summit as this. >> i was thinking about it. when i first heard about it i thought it sounded horrible. it sounded horrible. but i have also been down in the area and in addition to the drug trafficking, there's a human trafficking. there's an awful lot of horrible things coming up, women are trafficked through that area. and i suspect -- if he's not down there with his wife on a cruise ship, right? >> right. >> he's traveling with the staff. >> there were three staffers. they stayed in chain hotels. supposedly it was not luxurious accommodations. they were not able to provide me an estimate of the cost. >> because i will tell you from
7:34 pm
my own experience, they love to have someone important from the united states come down there like the attorney general. and i have dealt with the aruban government law enforcement there. to the extent we get any level of cooperation from them is huge because there are drugs and so many problems there. i think it looks like a great, juicy story where everyone is scanneddized, but if you dig deeper, if he's not there with his wife, there with staff, going to a conference, seeing his laterals in those governments, i understand that it appears like it's a lark, but -- >> i think the timing was bad but there's exonerating context for him. >> yes. indeed. but has this been planned for a long time you said? >> i was told it had been on the calendar for months. >> but is congress jumping all over him about this yet? >> congress is jumping all over him for all sorts of reasons that all center around this fast and furious controversy that's going on. and that is really at the heart of why attorney general holder is on the hot seat.
7:35 pm
>>,, if he didn't go they would probably say he was supposed to go someplace, can't do his job, didn't do his job and let all these countries down. i don't know what is going to happen with him on "fast and furious," but this other thing may not be quite as what everyone says. >> holder so far we've seen about nine weekly update memos that went to his office. he said in a congressional hearing he didn't actually read those memos. they only mention "fast and furious" by name. >> but that's not story, right? >> right. >> johnathan, thank you. coming up, the three daughters of governor jon huntsman pull out all the stops to help their dad. that's not all. they are here next. i know you're worried abt making your savings last
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7:40 pm
that rocked the nation. jeep jerry can dust ski is accused of abusing 8 boys. among them is an alleged assault in 2002 that penn state new about but did not report to police. and joe paterno, who lost his job over how he handled the scandal, has a treatable form of lung cancer. the 84-year-old is undergoing treatment and doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery. and firefighters getting a handle on a fire in nevada. they have it largely contained but it damaged or destroyed about 25 homes. one firefighter suffered first degree homes. snow has been helping crews put out the frames. now back to "on the record." >> they are starring in campaign ads and carrying on a vigorous campaign. but they aren't running for president. they are talking about their father. they are doing all they can to
7:41 pm
get their father nominated in the gop race. we spoke to them. >> the huntsman girls. you are hardly girls but that's what they call you. let's get your names and ages. >> you are the troublemaker a little bit? >> that's what they say. i don't understand that. >> who is the boss? >> i think working with each other we are all the bosses. >> i'm not the boss. >> abby a little-bitty think so. >> someone's got to be. >> put her in place sometimes. >> you work on the campaign. do you like doing the campaign stuff? >> we love it. >> that wasn't too enthusiastic. >> no, we are loving it. it's something we believe it strongly and that's what keeps us going. family makes everything better. everybody is a little different. >> when there's a candidate you believe in so much, it keeps you going every single day. >> is it a little bit hard?
7:42 pm
i mean, you know, you love your father, and you know people take swipes at him. everyone, all the kids, you know, hear their parents get swiped at. that, to me, is the most difficult. >> i would say it's been extremely difficult but at the end of the day we all know that he's the one that can get our country out of this mess. and it's like, okay, we can put aside the snide comments and keep going because we are confident in what he's doing and what he stands for. >> i this i we know his time hasn't really come yet. the american people don't really know him and there's time in the race for people to get to know him. people are wanting that. the closer they get to voting in the ballot booth they think i need someone i can trust, and we need someone who knows what he's talking about and our dad represents that. i think in time people will come around to who he really is. >> who is the genius behind the ad? because it was funny.
7:43 pm
>> give it to the troublemaker. >> you came up with it? >> i'll take it, yeah. i originally said absolutely not, it will be terrible. >> i have my charm and my ways, and i guess i'm the boss so -- >> you are the boss now. but did your father see the ad before it went out? >> hike 30 seconds before. you can see this but you don't have an opinion whether it goes out or not. >> about the same time. >> how about your mother, did she see it. >> they were together. i called them and said we are sending this out in 30 seconds. if you like it, that's great. >> but they had no idea we were even working on it. >> is there an encore? >> there just might be one. >> when should i expect it. >> could be tonight, could be two months, could be wednesday. >> that's a tease. a great tease. >> we are trying to bring some laughter to the race. we are the only ones really our age that are out there seeing the inside of this election cycle. so we kind of want to give people a little bit of what's going on behind the scenes and add a little laughter along the
7:44 pm
ways. >> let's talk about the twitter. who is in charge of the tweeting in this group? >> we will have to give that to lyddie. >> i can't remember which debate it was. she was home tweeting away while we were at the debate and that's where she tweeted the famous tweets that made the rounds. >> in the corner by myself i kind of go wild. >> during one of the breaks we looked at our phone and we are like, oh, my gosh. when was this going on? >> it comes into the same name. you all tweet on the same account? >> yeah, we are all doing it together. >> when she tweets something that are over the top people are suspicious you did it? >> of course. we confide in each other before we send things out. we will send things, one with my dad. >> here's my favorite one. "is it us or did everyone get a bad haircut for this debate?"
7:45 pm
>> you not agree? >> i live in a glass house or i take the fifth. >> i was watching the debate, and we were watching with friends and i said that comment and said you can't tweet that out. everyone is going to agree. you just can't help it. five minutes later they showed all the other people with the haircuts and i said i'm going to send this. this is hysterical. it's so true. >> any response? >> yeah, we got quite a few. >> from who? >> i think a couple -- i think people were like retweeting it and saying, oh, and i got a lot of texts from my friends and people i hadn't heard from for a while. and they say, oh, my gosh, that's exactly what i was thinking. >> and how about this one, the herman cain, are we seeing a different shade of gold tonight? >> we were wrong. it was actually the same gold. >> we tweeted that. >> we love herman cain's tie. this goes back because one debate -- herman wears his infamous gold tie we love. i think he's worn it to most of the key bait. >> he wears it every day.
7:46 pm
>> we were behind stage and he came and said hello to all of us and low and behold he and my dad had the exact same tie on for the debate and it was the same debate. >> the next debate he put on the same tie again and i said my only worry is herman cain will wear it and you might have the same one on. >> it's been the ongoing thing. every time we see cain on tv he has the same gold tie. >> who is the friendliest to you backstage? who is the most fun. >> i like rick perry. >> why? >> maybe because we've known him from my dad was governor and he was governor and we did events together. >> he's very warm. you feel like you relate to him. he's personable. he will come up and talk about anything with you. he's very friendly. >> it's funny because we know these candidates so differently and you know your father so differently. we have almost no idea. >> and we hope that the american people really get to know him better because i think he has so much to give and offer this country and our future.
7:47 pm
>> have we learned anything about these campaigns? >> they are rough. >> they are. i think one of the great things about it, every day you wake up and something different happens. you turn on the tv and it's, you know, just something different. >> exciting because you are living what you are seeing on tv. you are living through that. >> sometimes you know things before it's even out in the news. and we are waiting for this to come out. >> because you already knew about it. >> you grew up with your father running for office before so it's not really that new. >> no. >> bigger geography. >> much bigger. a bigger scale. >> all right. i will look forward to the ad which apparently could be tonight or a couple months. >> a couple weeks. >> or a couple months. >> maybe tomorrow. >> and maybe tomorrow? is that all i get? is that all we are going to get? >> yeah. >> anyway, thank you for joining us. i will be watching you and checking out the tweets and, of course, i keep trying to drag your father back here to talk to
7:48 pm
me. he would love it. >> he loves you. you are his favorite, greta. >> listen to that. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, is david letterman trying to change mr. herman cain's mind about running for the white house? we will see what happens when mr. cain goes on the late show. and some grounded flight attendants taking their fight for their jobs to new heights. see what they are doing. you may not believe it. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] evy day, thsands of people are choosing advil®. advil® helps me do what i love. the job's tough, advil® is tougher. advil® never lets me down. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> you have seen our top stories but here is the absolute best of the rest. mr. herman cain taking his campaign to late night tv. he talks 9-9-9 with david letterman and dave those out ideas of his own. >> you put in an economic growth plan called 9-9-9. have you heard of it? >> i've heard of it. i don't know what it means. >> 9-9-9. it's bold. >> i know it's bold but you don't even know what it means. i heard someone say to you how would so-and-so and so and so be handled under 9-9-9 and you said i don't know. >> that was one were those obscure questions i was asked about. >> but you have to deal with obscurities when you are president. i like it, it's clever, 9-9-9. it's fun. >> right. and it works. it works. >> and you ought to get some sort of toll-free number, herman
7:53 pm
cain. you dial 9-9-9 and you get a free pizza. come on! [laughter] >> what are we talking about? >> you know what you are going to get? instead of a free piz when you dial 9-9-9, you are going to be able to get a job. that's the whole point. >> god bless anybody who wants the job. to me it seems like it might be beyond solve ability at that point. do you of worry you can't make a change? have you of had a change where you didn't make an impact? >> when i took over godfather's pizza it was supposed to be bankrupt. it was owned by the pillsbury company but i didn't get the memo it was supposed to go bankrupt so we saved the company. so i'm going to do the same thing as president as i did when i took over a failing company. number one -- >> yeah, yeah, i understand. >> you heard this before? >> yes. >> are you trying to talk me out of this? [laughter] >> are you trying to talk me out of this? [laughter] >> he's trying real hard to talk me out of this.
7:54 pm
>> by the way, letterman did not change mr. herman cain's mind about running for president. and arnold schwarzenegger may be doubting his decision to believe politics and go back to acting. the former california governor got banged up and bloodied while filming a movie in mexico. he is playing a sheriff in the small town. he doesn't say how he got banged up but he tweets. got a little banged up today. thanks for the star who got me back in action an hour later. >> and airline attendants are posing for a sectiony calendar to raise money for the now bankrupt airline, mexican. they went bankrupt more than a year ago. the flight attendants and thousands of other workers lost their jobs. they are hoping the money raised from the calendar will help the airline takeoff again. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call, and
7:55 pm
regis philbin's last show. one last look at the big send-off next. "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years. let's do it, let's go to vegas. vegas baby! maybe we should head back to the dealership first? vegas! no, this is a test drive. vegas! [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get zero first month's payment,
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to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? >> greta: loerk is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time far last call. etc. an end of an era. regis philbin ends his run on the morning show "live". >> the final show. >> you're light is what shines around all of us and made us look so bright for so long. >> we've had a wonderful show and a great time. so thank you very much for these great years together. god bless you all. i hope you see again real soon. >> and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure


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